This series is wildly successful and it is unimaginably very progressive each season. The character development for each actor has come a long way. You see, to get away with such unabashed silliness requires boundless confidence in storytelling and fearless commitment to genre. It requires audacity—something the stars and creative team behind How to Get Away With Murder possess in spades.

The series has proven to be pushing boundaries of what can be shown on national TV, with the series showing some violence and wildly graphic scenes. What is great about HTGAWM pushing bounderies is that they have tackled all aspects including diversity in ethnicity, sexual orientation and race. No other broadcast television series is doing more for some diversity in prime time than this show.

The showrunner and series creator Pete Nowalk was asked about groundbreaking moments of the series and he just simply said that they were just writing what is really happening in the world, the corruption, the greed for power, etc. People would be surprised to know that some things that happened in the show did in fact happened in real life. He is definitely right about it, people do experience it personally. The reason for the diversed storyline is that they have diversed writers as well wherein they pour in their collective minds into the show.

Aside from the show’s writer which make an incredible storyline, they also have great actresses lined up. The show has perfectly highlighted the acting skills of the actors and made them shine in each scene which made the show remarkable. They are also very bold with their scenes, scenes showing one gay man eat out another gay man’s ass on primetime would stir a reaction, or that having Oscar nominee Viola Davis remove her wig on broadcast television would get people talking. It is not something you see on the television daily. The audience must have felt that the show is refreshing showing these scenes on the TV.