There is no doubt that the legal drama How to Get Away with Murder has captivated a lot of viewers during the past six seasons, with the sixth season being the current season and also sadly its last. For those who have not seen the series, it simply started as a series with a law professor Annalise Keating who found herself in an unfortunate circumstances with a team of 5 students who she helped cover up a murder. As the series episodes unlock, the stakes rises higher every after each season.

The main characters are of course our dear professor Annalise Keating, the law students who we will call the Keating Five namely Michaela, Wes, Connor, Asher and Laurel. Some noteable main leads are Frand and Bonnie who are Annalise’s confidants. But through the series, several other supporting characters have come and gone, or still remain. Who are the most hated ones? Beware of spoilers, by the way, if you’re not exactly caught up with the show

5. Tegan Price

Although Tegan seems to be a well loved character, there are people who hates her guts. She seems calculating, but you can see that she genuinely wants to be Annalise’s friend. However, the show also established that Tegan is power hungry and would do dirty deeds to rise to power, including selling her soul to the Castillo family. Some people speculate that she was somehow involved in Emmett’s murder and that is something we will find out for sure one the finale of season six unfolds.

4. Gabriel Maddox

Surprise, surprise, Gabriel Maddox is on the list, the son of Sam from his first wife. He is desperately trying to find evidence that Annalise is somehow involved in his father’s murder and wants to know how his father died. Although he has an oozingly hot body and irrisistable charisma, people seems to hate Gabriel to the fact that he keeps digging on Annalise and just does not leave her alone. So annoying!

3 Governor Lynne Birkhead

Of course, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Governor Birkhead is definitely one of the villains in the current season and the toughest opponent for Annalise since they do not seem to fear killing people off. With her power and money, she can do anything just to get what she wants, which unfortunately threatens the goal of Annalise to fight for justice for her lawsuit clients. Initially she comes across as charming and sweet woman, but behind those smile, you can tell that she is not up to no good. She is like someone who seems to smile when you’re facing her but would stab you numerous times once you turn your back on her.

2. Hannah Keating

We get it, she is just someone who wants to find justice for her brother who got murdered. It was established on the show that she does not fancy Annalise. But you can tell that she just want to find out what really happened to her brother, what did really happen during the murder night. She became a hateful character because everytime she shows up in the show, you know something is not right, she will mess around Annalise’s life again. Of course, as viewers, our symphathy is for Annalise so we can only wish Hannah gone and never to come back because it gets frustrating everytime she is around.

1.Chloe Millstone

I think everyone is in unison as we share the Keating Five’s dislike for Chloe Millstone who is just insufferable. Chloe who is Asher’s sister gets annoying on her attempts to get in the group because you could tell she is up to something and it is indeed pretty lame. She is pos who shows up once in a while to guilt trip her brother, and of course the result is just frustrating. Asher ended up turning his back on the Keating Five. FBI cunningly blackmailed the family into making Asher as an asset against Keating.