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Can Supergirl Survive Without Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant?

In its sophomore season, Supergirl confidently rests on the shoulders of its star Melissa Benoist, not because she’s the lead but because she imbues the show with a necessary kindness and earnestness as Kara Danvers and a confident boldness as her alter ego heroine. But can the series, which recently moved to The CW after a single season on CBS, survive without fan-favorite character Cat Grant now that Calista Flockhart chose not to return as a series regular when the show moved production to Vancouver from Los Angeles?

Since the show’s debut last season, Cat has — in addition to running media conglomerate CatCo Worldwide seemingly without sleep — acted as a mentor to Kara, providing guidance both in the office and outside of it. She has been the loudest voice for equality on a show that prides itself on telling the stories of powerful women in what could be thought of as traditionally male-dominated positions… READ MORE.