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Can You Get in Trouble Using Kodi?

In recent weeks, the legality or otherwise of so-called fully-loaded Kodi boxes has become a big topic. The devices are massively popular in the UK but are people going to get busted for using them? Almost certainly not, an intellectual property lawyer told the BBC this morning.

kodiWhile Popcorn Time was the hot news of 2014 and 2015, 2016 was taken by storm by an old kid on the block with a new lick of paint.

For TF readers, Kodi needs little introduction. It’s an open source media player that can, given select tweaks, be augmented with third-party addons that grant access to an Aladdin’s cave of pirate content.

Unlike most other kinds of unauthorized online sharing, the way content is delivered through Kodi has exposed a whole new legal gray area. While it’s definitely illegal in Europe and the US to share copyrighted content without permission using BitTorrent, no one is really clear whether streaming content via Kodi has the same status… READ MORE.