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Complete APK and Kodi SetUp for TV Box

TvBox SetUp

Installed Apps Kodi 17.6 with Nolimits Build KODI 17.5 This Tutorial will show you how to install Free LIVE TV APK’s which are -INSTALL MOBDRO -INSTALL UKTVNOW -INSTALL SNAPPY STREAMZ -INSTALL SWIFT STREAMZ -INSTALL LIVE NET TV -INSTALL REDBOX TV Also the following movies and tv shows APK’s -INSTALL Cartoon HD -INSTALL FreeFlix HQ -INSTALL OneBox HD -INSTALL Terrarium TV ...

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Benefits of an Android TV Box

Android TV Box

[ad_1] The Android TV box is a useful piece of kit that connects to the TV via the HDMI port to offer most of the features of Android. This type of set up is very flexible and easily connects to most TVs with the right port and is a lot cheaper than a smart TV. Here are a few of ...

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How to Create Multiple Profiles on Kodi 17

Multiple Profile Kodi 17

Create different KODI setups for each different user in KODI! You can easily create multiple profiles for each user so each one has a unique, separate KODI setup with it’s addons! Perfect solution for a family KODI setup, so you can create a profile for Dad, Mom and Kids. Even a hidden profile for your secret addons.

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NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 with Plex Media Server

Netgear Nighthawk X10

Netgear has released its newest super duper fast router that can handle any streaming video bandwidth. I’ve spent the last month with the Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 router. Netflix 4k and Amazon UHD streaming as well as VR gaming has been consistent and without a glitch. A quad-core processor, enhanced antennas, and a new WiFi standard work together to bring ...

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Movies & Music on KODI with Zero Latency

ADATA Storage for Kodi

ADATA SSD makes carrying your Movies & Music for KODI easy and fast. Perfect for making KODI portable: RV, Boat, Car, Snow Cabin, Beach House…anywhere you might not have a solid internet connection. Also works great for home or dorm… no need for a Network Attached Storage. PRODUCT PRICE LINK ADATA USA SE730 250GB USB 3.1 Type-C SSD US$119.98 (20% ...

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Fosmon HDMI Switch HD8061 Review

Fosmon HDMI Switch

Have you ever bought a media player or DVD or Blu-ray player and then wondered what you’d have to unplug in order to get it to work? I know I have. My TV is a 1080p Samsung that’s a few years old. It’s biggest drawback is that it only has one HDMI port. So I’d be constantly reaching back into ...

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Binge Watch TV on KODI with Zero Interaction

Binge Watch TV

How to “Auto Play” TV show after TV show with Zero Interaction. Works with many popular Add-ons: Exodus, Zen, Specto and others.

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Everything coming to Amazon Prime and HBO Now in November

Amazon & HBO Now

At the beginning of (and during) each month, Amazon Video and HBO adds new movies and TV shows to its library. Below, you’ll find the list for November 2016. COMING TO AMAZON PRIME VIDEO November 1st A View to a Kill The Addams Family Addams Family Values Barbershop Be Cool Courage Mountain Death at a Funeral Deterrence Diamonds are Forever ...

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ghost Rider’s Origin Story Explained

Agents of Shield - Ghost Rider

 [SPOILERS ahead for those not caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.] – As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to find ways to be the beating heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also continues to push at its narrative boundaries by introducing new, seemingly-incongruous elements. Nothing exemplifies this better than this season’s introduction of Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna), a character who, ...

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Kodi or Plex: Which Media Center is the Best?

Kodi or Plex

Kodi and Plex share a similar lineage, but have diverged into distinct home media server options. Setting up a digital media center in your home is a great way to keep all your favorite videos, music and accessible. If you’re considering setting one up, there are two main options you should be considering: Plex or Kodi. Both Plex and Kodi ...

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How To Get Around GeoBlocking in Kodi on Apple TV 4 without a VPN

Apple TV 4 with Kodi

Step by step to see how to bypass the geo-blocking restrictions you might encounter trying to watch apps from other countries or accessing certain content in Kodi. If you are outside of the UK and want to the BBC iPlayer this will get you there. If you are Outside of the US and want to watch American channels this will help ...

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