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Cord-Cutting Rises

Pay TV subscribers have made some bigger changes recently — including cord-cutting — apparently with more alterations to come.

When asked in a TiVo survey “Have you switched cable/satellite providers “in the last months?” some 9.1% said they had. This comes from research of 3,140 people 18 years and older in the third quarter of this year.

TiVo says this is up slightly quarter-to-quarter and year-over-year, and it says this “marks the highest result since this question was added to its survey since 2013.”

TiVo also asked respondents who did not have a pay TV provider: “Did you cut cable/satellite service in the last 12 months?” Results were that 17.9% said they had; 47.8% said they hadn’t; and 34.3% said they never had cable/satellite service.

When asked about what those pay TV subscribers will do in the next six months, 5.6% said they would cut their pay TV service; 7.1% would switch to another pay-TV provider; and 2.5% would switch to an online service or app.

Almost 30% — 29.7% — said they are “on the fence” about making a change.

What would keep them from making these changes? TiVo said 65% would remain with their current pay TV service if they could choose and pay for the channels they watch.

The survey also said 43.5% would stay if their pay TV service could combine all TV providers — including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video — into one play to easily find programming.

Source: MediaPost