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Here is Everything We Know About DirecTV Now

Later this week we expect DirecTV Now to be released according to leaks from AT&T; however, we still know little about the service. Hopefully we will quickly learn more, but for now here is everything we know.

Price & Packages

We do know there will be multiple packages but have no other package details. As for price we know it will start at $35 a month and the service will offer 100 channels. We cannot confirm anything beyond the $35 starting point but expect at least three different packages. There could even be add-ons to each package.


No official channel list has come out; however, we do know NBCUniversal channels will be on the service and NBC locals in a few markets. Disney has also confirmed that they will be part of the service with their family of cable channels, but at this time we have no word on ABC being part of the Disney deal.


We also learned what devices will be supported at launch: Amazon Fire TV, Google Cast to players such as Nvidia Shield and the Mi Box, Apple TV 4th Generation+, Android 4.4+, iPad iOS9+, iPhone 5+, iPod Touch, Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome 50+, and Safari 8+.

Both the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are listed as coming soon, and the Roku is not even on the list; however, we expect them to support the Roku shortly after the new Roku OS comes out later this year.

Release Date

We know that the service will be released in November 2016. A leaked internal email to their installers lists November 4 as the release date; however, dates for services like this have been known to change without notice.

For now that is everything we know about the DirecTV Now service.

Source: Cord Cutters News