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Indigo from TVAddons – The Drama keep Growing

The new Indigo Kodi add-on from TVADDONs replaces some of the other add-ons released from that group including their wizard, maintenance tool, log uploader, notifications tool. However, it appears that the new Indigo add-on goes a step further than just replace those add-ons.

Users have noticed that Indigo deletes add-on and automatically installs itself if you have any of the individual add-ons that make up Indigo. If you previously had any of the following add-ons installed, you will notice they’ve been deleted and replaced with Indigo.

  • Addon Installer
  • Hub Wizard
  • XBMC Notifications
  • Fresh Start
  • XBMC Hub Maintenance
  • Hub Maintenance (Disabled only – Installed in the XunityTalk repo)

Most concerning might be that the add-on deletes add-ons from a “blocked” list which includes Hub Maintenance from XunityTalk, a fork add-on of a similar one by TVA.

The timing of this is peculiar after lambda recently retired after putting code into Exodus that used users to attack another Kodi repo and add-on without their permission.

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Part of this information was previously posted on koditips