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Kodi Drama of the Week #2

By Schism Aenema

I hate to do this but… All the beef TVaddons iss doing about Bob and the Phoenix fork… They are acting just a lot of hypocrites… Anybody seen the new exodus update?
Anybody seeing any similarities in the scrapers with Zen?
Well I did… Apparently they took Zen scrapers and put em in Exodus… I dont mind about the scrapers, if you make it better… but they didn’t, and also not giving credits where credits is due, it’s not in the spirit of GNU Licensing…
Good job TV Addons, acting like Kodi Police while behind the scenes you are indeed a thief.
Sorry… But had to take this out my chest.

Example of a scraper taken from Zen (1st image), and Exodus (2nd image)

Zen Code

Exodus Code