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Schism Closed

Kodi Drama of the Week – Schism is going to close everything! 

From Schism:

It’s a very sad day but due to real life issues and the recent kodi events, I feel the need to pull the plug on this adventure.

There is a surprisingly amount of people willing to spoil this for everybody and sadly I am starting to be affected by this too, people reporting our group, just for sport, haters and so on.

It’s not fun anymore, and even tho I feel like letting down a large number of supporters I must ask you to understand.

There is a lot going on under the scene that users do not know, and for once I would like to be one of them, even tho I did everything clean since day one.

There is some bitter dark undertone in kodi these days, and what started as a nice place to be is now becoming  a very uncomfortable topic.

This is not the main reason, even tho it’s the most reason of concern. Pair this with real life work, family and everything… you will get a rough estimate.

I would like to thank everybody for the support and the love, but it’s time to come back in the shadows, hopefully my legacy will continue but I will not be part of it anymore.

We will focus only on giving people custom services like skins, addons, and so on, and if you want you can use our contact form.

The builds and everything else related to it will be gone starting 30 Sept. It’s a reasonable amount of time for you to make a backup or start searching for alternatives.

Thanks everybody and I hope I have given you something in return for all the things you have given to me in this nice journey.