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Nemesis Build

Rebuilt from the ground up from start to finish the build is now faster and lighter than it has EVER been before. Seriously the performance on this build is stunning! it was always quick but now its even better. The build is packed with content including a stunning SPORTS section giving you access to everything from the NFL to the Premier League & Extreme Sports! Seriously if your looking for sports check it out!

Of course as with all KODIUKTV builds Nemesis is easy to navigate and gives you easy access to all the content you need. Submenu’s are packed with ONLY the best add-ons available right now & clicking each menu item will bring up the retrospective add-ons. We really hope your going to love it. Bear in mind of course with it being a brand new setup on the build that there may be a bug or two found within! we appreciate all your feedback good & bad! Its the only way we can make it better for you!

The build has been completely re written from the ground up! Every addon has been installed from a fresh KODI setup & the build is completely different in terms of performance to previous versions. So baysically theres too much to list here, The only thing in common with 1.7 is the Name!



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