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Illegal Streaming

Over 1m Viewers Could have Access Cut over Illegal Streaming

Court told six major studios targeting State’s main internet service providers

More than a million people who illegally stream films and TV shows from the internet face having their online access cut off or severely reduced if a legal action taken by a group of studios is successful.

The Commercial Court was told yesterday that as many as 1.3 million people in the State may be involved in illegally accessing the work of six film and TV studios through various streaming websites.

The six studios, members of the Motion Picture Association, are trying to replicate successful legal actions taken in other jurisdictions by asking the Irish courts to force ISPs to block certain websites which they claim are facilitating what they say is massive illegal downloading of their work.

‘Target’ websites

The action is to be fast-tracked by the court and will see the film studios ask the courts to force the ISPs to block or disable access by their subscribers to three “target” websites – movie4k.to, primewire.ag and the website currently located at onwatchseries.to… Read more from the original source.