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Your Cable Bill Is Going Up This Year

Cable Bill

Most pay TV companies have announced modest price hikes, but there are also new hidden fees Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst at Leichtman Research Group, says that the real money for cable companies these days is in selling bundles that include TV programming, internet access, and perhaps phone service. “It’s in the provider’s interest to make increases as modest ...

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No cable, no problem: How to watch your TV favorites

Cord Cutter

Streaming TV started with drips and trickles — a patchwork of networks and shows that took real work to cobble together into something like a cable TV subscription. Now, though, streaming is coming on like a flood, with nearly everything on cable TV also available (by subscription) over the internet. Seriously. It’s all there. The zombies of “The Walking Dead.” The ...

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WatchAir is the New Antenna for the Cord Cutter Lovers

WatchAir Antenna

WatchAir is an advanced smart antenna, not only receiving HDTV signal over the air, but also wirelessly streaming your live local TV directly to your smart devices such as smart phone, tablet, streaming box/stick, PC and even Smart TV. No wire and no monthly fee… READ MORE.

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5 Things Only Cord Cutters Understand

Cord Cutters

Cord cutting is a very different world—something cable subscribers just don’t understand. So let’s have some fun today and look at 5 things cord cutters know and love but cable subscribers cannot understand… READ MORE.  

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