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Cordkillers Ep. 153 – T-Mo Singing the Credo

Cord Killers ep. 153

Netflix streaming turns 10, Apple may make original TV shows, Amazon launches an anime channel. Light Sherlock and Battlestar Galactica spoilers 30:03-30:35. With special guest Justin Robert Young.

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Cord-Cutting Rises

Cut the Cord

Pay TV subscribers have made some bigger changes recently — including cord-cutting — apparently with more alterations to come. When asked in a TiVo survey “Have you switched cable/satellite providers “in the last months?” some 9.1% said they had. This comes from research of 3,140 people 18 years and older in the third quarter of this year. TiVo says this ...

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Netflix Projected to Become Officially Bigger Than Cable by Year’s End


RIP cable. Your anti-internet vibes will surely be mourned for many years minutes to come. Though the final nail in the cable coffin hasn’t quite been hammered in just yet, a recent comparison of cable’s growth versus the booming Netflix platform again proves the traditional television format’s days are indeed numbered. Samuel Bennett, a data visualizer whose recent Reddit-shared comparison chart was ...

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The Cord-Cutting Wars Are About to Start and AT&T May Already Be the Victor

Cord Cutting

AT&T (NYSE:T) is poised to launch its new over-the-top (OTT) online steaming TV service next month, called DIRECTV Now. The streaming service is unique in that it won’t require a set-top box as cable providers and satellite companies do, but will offer the same (or nearly the same) channels that come with traditional pay TV. The service will have 100 ...

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No cable, no problem: How to watch your TV favorites

Cord Cutter

Streaming TV started with drips and trickles — a patchwork of networks and shows that took real work to cobble together into something like a cable TV subscription. Now, though, streaming is coming on like a flood, with nearly everything on cable TV also available (by subscription) over the internet. Seriously. It’s all there. The zombies of “The Walking Dead.” The ...

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Want to cut your Comcast bill by 50%?

Cable TV Box

We canceled my friend’s cable and phone service with Comcast and then the “fun” began. With my friend no longer in bundled service, I called to negotiate the price of Comcast’s Performance 25 internet. (You can still get internet service from Comcast even if you cancel cable.) I wanted to get the promotional rate of $40 a month. The rep ...

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