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What are your preferred streaming Addons? – April 2017

[ad_1] This is a continuation of the monthly streaming addons suggestion and discussion thread to keep up with the ever changing Kodi addons landscape. Here are some general guidelines for posting: Only identify one addon per comment. Before commenting an addon, see if it has already been mentioned. If it has and you want to add some information, reply to ...

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Over 1m Viewers Could have Access Cut over Illegal Streaming

Illegal Streaming

Court told six major studios targeting State’s main internet service providers More than a million people who illegally stream films and TV shows from the internet face having their online access cut off or severely reduced if a legal action taken by a group of studios is successful. The Commercial Court was told yesterday that as many as 1.3 million ...

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Cord-Cutting Rises

Cut the Cord

Pay TV subscribers have made some bigger changes recently — including cord-cutting — apparently with more alterations to come. When asked in a TiVo survey “Have you switched cable/satellite providers “in the last months?” some 9.1% said they had. This comes from research of 3,140 people 18 years and older in the third quarter of this year. TiVo says this ...

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ESPN Loses 621,000 Subscribers; Worst Month In Company History


The biggest business story in American sports this fall isn’t the declining NFL ratings or anything that’s happening on the field, court, or ice, it’s the collapse in ESPN subscribers, which reflect a larger trend in the collapse of cable subscribers in general. Yesterday Nielsen announced its subscriber numbers for November 2016 and those numbers were the worst in the ...

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The Cord-Cutting Wars Are About to Start and AT&T May Already Be the Victor

Cord Cutting

AT&T (NYSE:T) is poised to launch its new over-the-top (OTT) online steaming TV service next month, called DIRECTV Now. The streaming service is unique in that it won’t require a set-top box as cable providers and satellite companies do, but will offer the same (or nearly the same) channels that come with traditional pay TV. The service will have 100 ...

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AT&T Plans to Charge $35 Per Month for Internet TV Service

AT&T IPTV Services

AT&T will offer its upcoming 100 channel Internet TV service for only $35 per month, far less than a similar package would cost from a traditional cable provider. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said the goal of the service, which will be introduced at the end of next month, is to reach the 20 million households of cord cutters, or people ...

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What AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner could mean for Streaming’s Future


On Saturday, AT&T announced it was acquiring Time Warner today for $85.4 billion, giving the telecommunications conglomerate ownership over all of its subsidiaries, including film studio Warner Bros., game developer Warner Bros. Interactive. and networks like CNN and HBO. The $85.4 billion acquisition marks the largest deal of the year, but the bigger question is what that means for AT&T ...

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Kodi Drama of the Week

Kodi Drama

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Snapchat Streaming Video Glasses by Spardar

Snapchat Video Glasses

Spardar Shenzhen shows their Wi-Fi direct streaming video-glasses, 40 grams, with 1 hour battery life, can store the video on MicroSD or stream it through your smartphone to the cloud. Mass production is starting now.

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