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What are your preferred streaming Addons? – April 2017


This is a continuation of the monthly streaming addons suggestion and discussion thread to keep up with the ever changing Kodi addons landscape.

  • Here are some general guidelines for posting:
  • Only identify one addon per comment.
  • Before commenting an addon, see if it has already been mentioned.
  • If it has and you want to add some information, reply to the comment identifying the addon.
  • If it has not been suggested yet, comment and include a description of what content the addon provides.
  • As far as what is expect of you here when you recommend something, please at least explain what the addon is, the major notable features, and why you recommend it for others.
  • If an addon that you want to recommend has already been posted, you should up vote the comment identifying the addon and thus contributing to an indication of its popularity. Feel free to reply to the parent comment that suggests the addon with your own thoughts about it.

Because new addons are frequently being created and current addons are sometimes being updated or discontinued, it’s tough for some people to keep up with the best options. The hope with this series of monthly threads is to give users an up-to-date and easy to access place where they can read about and discuss various streaming addons.


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